Bali Body & Mind Trip

Rebuild your body and strengthen your mind

 7th – 14th OF NOVEMBER 2020

Hi Darlings,
We’ve all been there. Spending tireless hours in the rat race; a full diary and a fuller social life means it all gets a little bit too hectic sometimes. As hard-working women, we spend a lot of our valuable time on others, with others and for others.

Here at Selfish Darling we have had first-hand experience of the pressure everyday life brings, the feeling that you need a break, knowing that you need some time for yourself but feeling that you don’t actually have the time – so we’ve made it our job to help you do just that.

We understand that not all people can drop everything and move to a new country in order to find themselves and create a new life with the aim of connecting their body and mind like our founder did. Thus, this retreat was born from that understanding- what can we do in order to help those who don’t have the opportunity to take that leap? We can create the ultimate exclusive retreat limited to 12 women, compressing and encompassing all the things it took our founder months to find and experience into a 7 day adventure of self-care and self-satisfaction where you will enjoy the same benefits she did.

This is your time. Your time to start the rest of your life. Your time to find happiness within and to benefit from all our knowledge on well-being and purpose, on how to empower yourself through self-love and how to attract all the beautiful things in life you so well deserve.

Let us help you find your spark again,
Selfish Darling

£1,400 per person inc full board & accommodation. 30% Deposit upfront


A healthy mind and a healthy body begin with a healthy lifestyle.
Stimulate your senses and realign your outlook.
We know that’s easier said than done but we’ve actually cracked the code.

Set in the serene and healing surroundings of the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali, our retreat will aim to restore your confidence, teach you how to nurture yourself and ignite a brighter outlook on life. We’ll help you be the best version of you by resetting your mindset and confirming that;

  • You are good enough
  • You do deserve quality time
  • Your happiness and health is the most important
  • You need to be Selfish in order to be a Darling


Your retreat will be 7 days (6 nights) of learning great ways to reduce stress and anxiety, promote inner and outer wellbeing, and giving you the tools to refuel and reset, including:

  • Daily Private Yoga Sessions
  • Guided Meditations
  • Learn from our Mind Changing Experts
  • Connect with Like-Minded Women
  • Meet with a Holistic Healer

Our home for the week is a breath-taking villa overlooking our very own private pool and the nearby rice fields that reach out to the horizon to provide the ultimate view.

Bali is the place for self-reflection and finding clarity and the gratitude you’ll feel simply for experiencing such beauty will benefit you in so many ways.

Of course we want to feed your body the same way we’re feeding your mind with nutritious, wholesome, specially prepared fresh meals and refreshing drinks such as cold pressed organic juices, herbal teas and coconut water. This way you’ll feel full of energy and naturally start to feel lighter in both body and mind.


We are focussed solely on helping you find your happiness – from within. Our retreat is based on a small group, 12 in fact to be specific, of like-minded Darlings who want to connect with not only themselves but each other and who want a new experience as well as soaking up the peaceful surroundings while cleansing their minds.

If you’re struggling with the grind of day to day life, missing your spirit and energy – connect with us and kick start the opportunity to join our next trip, spending quality time with 11 other women who all understand and can relate to your feelings and the toll it takes, both mentally and physically to simply be a woman in today’s day and age. You’ll become part of a helpful, positive and empowering community, making supportive friends for life.

This is your time. Your time to start the rest of your life. Your time to find happiness within and to benefit from all our knowledge on well-being and purpose, on how to empower yourself through self-love and how to attract all the amazing things in life you most definitely deserve.

In addition to working on our gratitude the retreat will offer:

Daily yoga sessions

Life coaching sessions

Inspirational Workshops & talks

Eco-friendly luxury accommodations for 7 days / 6 nights

Full board (Daily organic meals free from processed foods)

Daily trips to explore and enjoy all Bali has to offer

Meditation sessions

Balinese massage

The experts at Selfish Darling have so much to share in order to help you on your journey. Learning to value yourself and becoming a part of our community is most important to us. Everything you see and do on your retreat will positively impact your life. Not only will you feel full of energy, you’ll be glowing. You’ll have the confidence to live your best life and be the best version of you.

The fundamentals of great self-care will stay with you forever. Our ethos of positive learning for positive outcomes will become a staple in your everyday life as your experience with us will shape your spirit, rebuild your faith, and cultivate inner peace and natural rebalancing.

Don’t miss out. Book your trip with us here!