Created to empower, inspire and release your inner happiness.

Cultivate the habit of being happy with Selfish Darling’s Gratitude Journal. Created to empower, inspire and release your inner happiness, the Gratitude Journal won’t plan out your life events, but will help you plan out your happiness. The Gratitude Journal is designed as a way for you to welcome self-gratitude, self-development and self-empowerment through writing.

Every day, there are many gifts that are given to us. Some are more obvious than others but there are always things we can be grateful for! Writing things down in a gratitude journal is a way of giving words to how you’re feeling. Your gratitude journal will be a place for you to record every good thought, every spark of good energy and every negative thought too – which are just as important.

Now is always a good time to start your gratitude journal. Write encouraging words to yourself and make a habit of reminding yourself of what you have to be happy about. Over time, you’ll notice your mind will be cleansed of negative vibes, leaving room for contentment, optimism and inner happiness!

In your Gratitude Journal, you will find:

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Mentally-stimulating and motivational quotes that will shift your perspective.

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Daily and weekly check-ins with a few thought-provoking questions.

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Easy calming exercises to ease anxieties.

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Lots of space to write what’s on your mind.

Write yourself happy with your inspirational Gratitude Journal

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