Gratitude Journal by Selfish Darling


Selfish Darling’s Gratitude Journal is designed to improve your inner strength and find happiness from within. In your Gratitude journal you will find:

• Exercises to start each day with a grateful heart
• Happiness scale to track your mood
• Weekly check-ins to track your week and increase your happiness
• Easy calming exercises created by experts
• Train your brain to shift your mindset
• Motivating quotes
• Linen cover with embossed silver label

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Created to empower, inspire and release your inner happiness

Every day, there are many gifts that are given us. Some are more obvious than others but there are always things we can be grateful for! Writing things down is a way of giving words to how you’re feeling. Selfish Darling’s Gratitude journal is a place for you to record every good thought and be grateful for the many things we may take for granted.

We’ll help you to find happiness from within by giving you the tools for self-satisfaction, and accepting yourself, helping you be the best Darling you can be to others, but most importantly, to yourself. The journal consists of 272 pages with a linen cover printed on 100% recycled paper. It’s designed to improve your inner strength and find happiness from within by starting and ending each day with a grateful heart.

The daily exercises helps you to set the right tone in the morning and end the day in the best possible way. The weekly check-ins make sure you stay on track with your goals and make sure you turn your dreams into reality.

Cultivate the habit of being happy with Selfish Darling’s Gratitude Journal.

In your Gratitude Journal, you will find:

Mentally-stimulating and motivational quotes that will shift your perspective.

24 weeks of daily and weekly check-ins with a few thought-provoking questions.

Easy calming exercise to ease anxieties.

Lots of space to write what’s on your mind.

Write yourself happy with your inspirational Gratitude Journal

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